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Northern Harrier

 Want to catch a glimpse of this slender, buoyant raptor? “No Hurry”! At least that’s what I’ve learned-patience. You’ll spy our local Harrier within the Parade Grounds coursing low over South Beach dunes,then a quick soar and swoop around the small marsh pond in meadows behind Movie Theater. Often hunting in evening light between […]


Isabella Beauty

 And the beach we all share a special love for. This afternoon, adorned in exquisite Natural splendor. A crown jewel within Long Island Sound, Fishers Island is surrounded by some of the only remaining Eelgrass meadows-less than 400 acres of healthy critical habitat for fish and shell fish “nurseries”. “Long. Live. The Queen.” From […]


Keeper of The Sound

 Stalwart, Fishers Island stands watch this afternoon amidst October’s northerly and westerly gusts and chop. The “Gem” of both Long Island and Fishers Island Sound. Today, less than 400 acres of Eel grass surround us, supporting healthy marine habitat. Help preserve and protect our Seagrass meadows! From the Field, Video Snippet, Justine Kibbe, Oct. […]