Marine Debris

Storms surrounding Fishers Island only deliver marine debris “faster” into our precious coves, harbors and surrounding coastline –we are, though, everyday constantly under “siege”…
– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe March 2, 2018

John Peishoff

John Peishoff's 889th Lobster Pot

– Audio Chat by Justine Kibbe October 1, 2017.

I chat with lifelong Islander John Peishoff about the necessity and importance of Fishers Island Stewardship. To date, he’s picked-up, hauled, and taken to the dump 889 wire Lobster pots-line them together; that’s over a half mile!

Earthday EVERYday

Or so it should be. Stewardship on Fishers Island should be a constant – Marine Debris certainly is.