A New York-based multimedia artist, producer, filmmaker and environmentalist, currently living on Fishers Island year-round, has created an eight-minute video, OCEANICA 2020, as a personal present to the Fishers Island Conservancy.

In 2019, Island resident Michele Klimczak collected an astounding 8441 pounds of marine debris from the shores of Fishers Island. Michele is employed by FIConservancy to patrol multiple Island locations and clear away marine debris.

Marine Debris

Storms surrounding Fishers Island only deliver marine debris “faster” into our precious coves, harbors and surrounding coastline –we are, though, everyday constantly under “siege”…
– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe March 2, 2018

John Peishoff

John Peishoff's 889th Lobster Pot

– Audio Chat by Justine Kibbe October 1, 2017.

I chat with lifelong Islander John Peishoff about the necessity and importance of Fishers Island Stewardship. To date, he’s picked-up, hauled, and taken to the dump 889 wire Lobster pots-line them together; that’s over a half mile!

Earthday EVERYday

Or so it should be. Stewardship on Fishers Island should be a constant – Marine Debris certainly is.