Thank You for your support

Thank you for your ongoing support of Fishers Island Conservancy!

Dear FIConservancy Community,

While the pandemic still presented a few challenges for FIConservancy this year, we were able to continue our mission to preserve and protect Fishers Island’s natural environment thanks to the dedication of our team, board, partners and all of you.

It’s been inspiring to see so many community members getting involved in our efforts in important ways this year. We could not be more pleased with what we accomplished together. Check out the list of highlights from 2021 below.

As we enter the quiet time of late fall and the last of the warblers have left for warmer climates, remember that a gift to FIConservancy is a gift to Fishers Island. Please donate any amount you can here today.

With your help, we’re looking forward to an exciting and productive 2022!

In the meantime, we’d like to suggest a title for winter reading: A World on the Wing, by Scott Weidensaul. The author explores the only-recently understood odyssey of migratory birds, many of whom use Fishers Island as a brief stop to rest and refuel before continuing their several-thousand-mile journey. This book illuminates the importance of native habitat—a subject not lost on our community.

All of us at FIConservancy are sincerely grateful for your support in keeping this organization humming. Thank you.


Tom Sargent
President, Fishers Island Conservancy

Thanks to your support, in 2021:

  • The Parade Grounds were set ablaze for our prescribed burn plan—releasing natural nitrogen into the soil and clearing woody underbrush—leaving a healthy grassland habitat for ground nesting birds and pollinators, thanks to FI Fire Department for their experience and guidance in this annual ritual.
  • A record number of students participated in our Island Sentinels summer internship program run seamlessly by Stephanie Hall. These young scientists recorded hundreds of readings at multiple sites across the island, which we are collecting and collating to discover any data trends related to the health and vibrancy of our Island’s unique habitats.
  • Families rolled up their sleeves and strolled our shorelines to join in our first annual volunteer marine debris cleanup program. Thanks to these shoreline superstars and our unstoppable Marine Debris Coordinator, Michele Klimczak, we expanded our coverage and collection of this harmful waste, helping to better protect our waters and wildlife.
  • 52 distinct migratory bird species were spotted in the spring and 39 in the fall for our annual counts, following Audubon standards, to chart these bird populations and get a sense of the prevalence of different species in our area. On a happy note, the highest number of birds were spotted at locations with the least number of invasive plant species.
  • The next generation discovered more about FINY’s habitats and creatures with wide-eyed curiosity at our Nature Days and “Mothapalooza” events, thanks to our experts and volunteers.
  • Over a dozen native cedar trees were transplanted to our Middle Farms parcel in partnership with FIDCO.
  • FI School students engaged in exciting experiments using instruments provided via our grant program, and two seniors’ projects were finalists in the 2021 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair!
  • Our John Thatcher Native Garden and Parade Grounds were beautifully maintained by Dave McIntyre, Jimmy Ski, Dianne Crary, Race Rock and our Island Sentinels, nurturing many creatures and helping to showcase what native plants can do for our environment.
  • Silver Eel Cove was dredged thanks to our partners on this effort, Lucinda Herrick and Geb Cook/FI Ferry District.
  • Fishers Island Sound’s precious seagrass was studied and protected through the Fishers Island Seagrass Coalition—we’re so proud to be part of this initiative.
  • Invasive phragmites were treated at several locations across the island.
  • Reusable FIConservancy cloth bags were donated for customers to use (and reuse!) at FI Village Market, and we gave books and plant seeds to FI Library’s Seed Corner.
  • Community members learned about the native habitat on neighboring Plum Island and efforts to preserve it through an event in partnership with H.L. Ferguson Museum and Fishers Island Oyster Farm.
  • We celebrated our beautiful island together again in person at Sunset on the Beach with higher attendance than ever. Enormous thanks to our Executive Director, Kristen Peterson, our Sunset Sponsors for making this event so special.
  • And more!

We hope you’ll consider making a contribution this giving season to enable our work next year.

Thank you.

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