Coastal/Marine Debris Clean Up

As you walk on our beaches, not only are you startled by their raw beauty but also, sometimes, by the debris that has washed up from many unknown sources.

Each year, the Conservancy employs several Islanders who are tasked with removing the trash and other materials which either wash up on our shores or are left behind. This material ranges from cans and bottles to mylar balloons, coolers, fishing lines, lobster traps and tires, among many other items.

Beach Cleanup Guidelines

As rusted metal, hypodermic needles, glass and sharp plastic are commonly encountered during cleaning, there are some guidelines that should be followed during a beach cleanup:

  • Bags fill quickly and should be carried away from the body to avoid injury.
  • Thick work gloves should be worn to protect hands at all times.
  • A sharps container should be carried for things such as needles.
  • Bags should not be left at the beach, but brought to the transfer station or the dump.

Fishers Island Zone Map