Tons of marine debris on Fishers Island beaches and shoreline provide a never-ending clean-up challenge for FIConservancy employee Michele Klimczak. Michele Klimczak Photo

Memorial Day brings the official start to our Fishers Island summer. Help us maintain a clean and healthy environment on Fishers Island: Please grab a bag and pick up debris that you see on or near our beaches and coastline.

In 2019, Island resident Michele Klimczak collected an astounding 8,441 pounds of marine debris from the shores of Fishers Island.

FIConservancy employs Michele to patrol multiple Island locations (listed below) and clear away marine debris. For example, in just one day (Feb. 20, 2019), Michele collected 49 lbs. of debris at the Hay Harbor Club Beach:

Approximately 35 plastic bags sticking out of low tide sand, plastic cups, silverware, containers, bottles, pens, straws, drink stirrers, frisbee, flip flop, mylar and rubber balloons, balloon ribbon, fishing line, string, rope pieces, broken toys, bottle caps, cans, netting, pail. Two large plastic pieces, hose/tubing, wire, broken styrofoam and cups, food containers, food/snack/candy wrappers, full bag of green beans, cigar tips, tampon applicators, drink cup lids, plastic gallon jugs.

Thank you for joining in our mission to help preserve and enhance Fishers Island’s natural resources and surrounding waters. Together, we can help protect the future of our beautiful island!

Locations of FIConservancy Marine Debris Collection:

Latimer Light beach, Clay Point Road beaches, Dock Beach, South Beach, Sanctuary of Sands near South Beach, Race Point beaches, Elizabeth Airport beaches, Silver Eel Cove, Little Stony beach, beaches behind Money Pond, Chocomount Beach, Chocomount Cove, South Dumpling beaches, Isabella Beach, beaches before Big Club, Grey Gulls, Holiday House beaches, Houghton beach, beach at bottom of Four Corners road, beach at stables, beaches to left of Castle Road, Hay Harbor Club beach. (Sent as blast May 26, 2020.)