The Clearing Continues

Before and After 

Pictures do not do justice to the amazing transformation along South Beach Road approaching the Parcourse FitCircuit. Individual stops along the circuit are now visible, as is access to South Beach in the distance.

Last winter, Jimmy Ski, on behalf of FIConservancy, cleared the area of tangled invasive vegetation and created a nearby berm that now contains the remains of Southold Town work and detritus from the past 40-50 years, including road sweepings, rock piles, metal from cars, asphalt and washing machines.

The new berm, covered by dirt, is already being reclaimed by grasslands on the Parade Grounds. FIConservancy has planted a warm season grass mix specifically created for Fishers Island by nationally-recognized University of Delaware entomologist Doug Tallamy, Joe Henderson and Tom Sargent.

The grasses in this recently-cleared parcel will likely take three years to become established.

In addition to this project, Jimmy will be breaking down 50 tons of concrete, which will be recycled for other projects on the Island.