A live and virtual presentation September 18th by Save the Sound’s New York Natural Areas Coordinator Louise Harrison, co-hosted at the FI Movie Theater by the HLF Museum, the FIConservancy, and the FI Oyster Farm. Followed by a reception for in-person attendees.

Sunset on the Beach

Fishers Island Conservancy’s 2021 Sunset on the Beach will be held Saturday, July 17. Purchase sponsorship tickets today!

Autumn Bird Survey 2017

Autumn Bird Survey 2017

Demonstration Garden is a busy third stop on Fall Migration Bird Count.

Mark your calendars for the 2019 Fall Migration Bird Count Sept. 22, 8 a.m.-11 a.m. Meet at the Island Community Center. Bring binoculars.

Following Audubon bird count rules, Dr. Adam Mitchell and two additional experts will lead birders, making 15 five-minute stops from West End to East End. At each timed stop, the birders will count birds and call out what they see.

Not sure how to count birds? Come for a tutorial and quick tour of the Parade grounds Sept. 21 at 5 p.m. Meet at the Parade Grounds.