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Monarch on Thorny Thistle

As evening light overshadows and cricket’s echo dims– See beams of setting sunshine pass though butterfly wings. And feel breeze–fly above and beyond wispy meadow grasses. *Parade Grounds, Fishers Island From the Field, Field Note by Justine Kibbe, Sept. 4, 2019

As Requested: Fishers Island Seed Mix

There have been numerous requests for “Fishers Island Seed Mix” used in FIConservancy’s grassland restoration project on the Parade Grounds and adjacent to South Beach and Elizabeth Airport. The seeds can be purchased at Ernst Conservation Seeds, the largest native seed producer and supplier in the eastern United States.

Lucky Monarch Butterflies!

There is a golden haze over parts of the meadows in FIConservancy’s restored grasslands. The Parade Grounds are filled with yellow goldenrod and purple ironweed, both preferred plants of the monarch butterfly in its pollinating stage.