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“Boiling” Water in Hay Harbor

The water appears to be “boiling” in front of the Conant home, east of Silver Eel Cove, early in August. “Boiling” water has also been observed off Wilderness Point, with lucky fishermen casting lines close to the disturbance. “Boiling” water is usually caused by a feeding frenzy of larger fish during fall migration, when they […]

What Happened to the Ospreys?

There are no answers. Just questions. The problem is reportedly not widespread, but there are fewer than half the fledgings on Fishers Island in 2019 (15) than there were in 2018 (34).


Post-Sentinel Success!

Olivia Backhaus was the first Island Sentinel, when FIConservancy established the program in 2013, and she spent the next five summers as a Sentinel. This fall, she will attend Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C., studying environmental law.

2019 Sunset on the Beach

A record-breaking heatwave did not deter nearly 450 people who attended FIConservancy’s annual Sunset on the Beach, Sat. July 20, 2019 at the Fishers Island Club Beach Club.

2019 Island Sentinels

Have you been hearing more about the Fishers Island Sentinels lately? Sponsored by FIConservancy, they are a group of young students, passionate about the environment, who fan out across the Island to observe, learn and communicate the natural wonders of Fishers Island.