Fishers Island’s native grass meadows, grown from “Fishers Island Seed Mix”, were on full display for “Conservation on Parade” Aug. 3 in the Parade Grounds. FIConservancy Photo

There have been numerous requests for “Fishers Island Seed Mix” used in FIConservancy’s grassland restoration project on the Parade Grounds and adjacent to South Beach and Elizabeth Airport.

Ernst Conservation Seeds, the largest native seed producer and supplier in the eastern United States, created a custom blend for Fishers Island. The seeds are listed below. Butterfly milkweed, however, is out of stock but will be available in the spring.

Seeds can be planted from mid-to-late October or in the spring. Call 800-873-3321 for further information. Learn more about planting meadows at the Ernst website:>Planting Guides>Uplands, Meadows & Pollinator Planting Guide and>Life Cycle of a Meadow.