Green Marvel

Acronicta fallax moth Fishers Island 2015

Common Name: Green Marvel

Scientific Name: Acronicta fallax

Season: Two generations in New England; mature caterpillars in June and July, and again from August into October. Moths from late May into June, and again in late July. Caterpillars in the fall overwinter as pupae.

Food: Viburnum

Ecology: The Green Marvel earns its name well with the bright green and black patterning across its wings, which help the moth blend into lichens and moss on the bark of trees during the day. It can be found in forests and scrub meadows where viburnum bushes are common. As caterpillars, they hide on the underside of leaves to feed. When the caterpillars are ready to pupate, they tend to tunnel into soft wood to help protect themselves from being fed on.

Doug Tallamy Photo