Strike a Banana Pose


Harbor seals in the calm.

*Brief clip leftover from yesterday’s Hungry Point.

From the Field, Video Snippet, Justine Kibbe, November 9, 2018

And so we meet again –


seal by Justine Kibbe

Help preserve healthy Seagrass Meadows.

From the Field, Field Note by Justine Kibbe, Oct. 6, 2018

Hungry Point Harbor Seals

Hungry Point Harbor Seals


It was a mirror-calm afternoon up east within Fishers Island Sound.
Typically this clan of seals will haul off and out by May’s end.
Based on my monitoring notes from past years; we can expect a mid- September “homecoming”.

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe May 19, 2018

Young Gray Seal ashore on Chocomount

Young Gray Seal ashore on Chocomount


This seal pup has been sighted several times along Chocomount beach. While it has been documented for The Mystic Aquarium and the Stranding Network, it appears to be “resting”.

Please use wisdom and keep ALL human activity at a SAFE distance.

Please be aware and leash all dogs!

PS. This pup showed me its sharp teeth with a “snarl”. . .

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe May 9, 2018

Spring Eve At Hungry Point

Spring Eve At Hungry Point


It’s early May off Hungry Point, Fishers Island. Male Eider ducks appearing “handsome” for their mates, while bell buoy lulls Harbor seals to sleep.

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe August 17, 2017.


Once Upon A Rock: This Spring Once Again**


– Field Note by Justine Kibbe May 9, 2017.

There once was a seal from Tiree, and with second sight voyaged the sea.

Swirling and sweeping in fathoms still keeping; all along its dreams did see.

Like tumult of wave pooled within tidal crag upon ancient cliffs off shore, this once wee flipperling finds rest to calmly reflect its lore.

Beneath night’s constellations glides this sojourner, within the constant of the mighty Milky Way…

Eavesdropping alongside wooden hulls, revealing to soaring gulls- those tales Clan warriors had to say.

And so it is our own life’s stories too – woven within the waves, but forever linked as the stars above; afar off as isles of our days.

** Fishers Island Harbor Seals readying for Annual haul-off, Fishers Island students learning the art of Storytelling & Local Traditional Knowledge

gray seal

Another Gray Seal Pup Ashore


I received word from Bruce Hubert’s Crew of a Gray Seal pup north side up east-documented, and actively in touch with Mystic Aquarium Stranding Network-so grateful for Island Community “keeping watch” – its Fishers Island stewardship!

Stranded Gray Seal Pup

Stranded Gray Seal Pup


Young Gray Seal pup discovered Jan 22, 2017 on Southside Fishers Island parallel to Elizabeth Field airport.

Seals in Snow

It was very still amidst snow flurries at Hungry Point this afternoon.

From where I stood I counted 143 Harbor seals on both rock haul-out sites.

A female Cardinal kept me company.


Harbor seals in the winter warmth

December 3: Unseasonably warm today on Island with temperatures this late afternoon reaching 60 in the sun. Ocean waters in the Fishers Island Sound have been maintaining temps in the low 50’s. I have counted 11 Harbor seals off Armstrong’s “Hooverness” at 3pm. The clumps of rock to the north of that property provide two small haul out sites for basking in the sun.

Over on the south side during an outgoing tide I am discovering small areas of unearthed building structure on South Beach and need to ask Pierce Rafferty at the Museum about their origin.