Lately, I have been listening very intently to things that go “thump in the night”.
This eerie intermittent growling….

It’s not my stomach, because I have had a midnight snack.

No dogs hiding under the bed.

I toss and turn a bit. In my wildest wildlife imagination maybe there is a litter of Coyote pups in a den under this cottage? The lone Coyote’s tracks I document followed me back from East Harbor and “gifted” me!

I see so many Rabbits on the Island that I tend not to notice them-I really do, but it’s just not like counting Harbor seals. I think if Rabbits all hauled out on big rocks off Hungry Point I would have a better chance at getting a realistic number!

I am grateful though, that Harbor seals don’t dart out in front of me while bicycle riding The Recreational Path.

Rabbits build “warrens” or burrows with connecting tunnels.

And I am learning that just like with the abundance of “everything else” Rabbits do-they “talk” a lot!