Young Environmental Enthusiast Produces Video

seagrass video

Underwater video by Marc Rosenberg, FIConservancy Island Sentinel.

Marc Rosenberg, 14, was the youngest Island Sentinel this summer, but he volunteered like a pro. His particular assignment was monitoring eelgrass beds around Fishers Island, and he produced an underwater video about the critical importance of eelgrass.

Nearly all of the seagrass left in Long Island Sound’s New York waters is located around Fishers Island. Unfortunately, however, it makes up less than 10 percent of seagrass’s historic acreage. Seagrass meadows were once abundant throughout the bays and harbors of the Sound, providing food, shelter and nurseries for thousands of ocean animals.

Marc quickly understood the risks to healthy eelgrass from nitrogen pollution (septic systems and fertilizer use), physical damage (vessel anchors, moorings, propeller scars, and fishing gear), and warming seas.

Chantal E. Collier, director of The Nature Conservancy’s Long Island Sound program, impressed with Marc’s observations this summer, has invited him to present his film at a future seagrass coalition meeting on Fishers Island.