Coastal/Marine Debris June 2019

Debris collected from The Race, Airport Beach, Chocomount Beach, South Beach, Beach Before the Big Club, Latimer Light Beaches, Clay Point Beaches, Dock Beach, Grey Gulls, Isabella Beach, Beach behind Money Pond, Silver Eel, Little Stony.

Total lbs = 682 (+ tire) / Total hours = 73

6/3/2019 – The Race: Zone S2 to End of Airport Beach: Zone N1

Lots of mylar, rope, balloon strings, cans, plastic plumbing supplies, small plastics, straws, bottle caps, balls, tampon applicators, Styrofoam, cigar tips/cigarette butts, fishing line, and lures. 4 Hours, 15 lbs

6/4/2019 – Chocomount Beach: Zone S3

Small to medium plastics, 3 baseball caps, mylar, balloon string, fishing line, balls, cigarette butts, bottles, and cans. 2 Hours, 9 lbs

6/5/2019 – South Beach: Zone S2

Small plastics, bottles, cans, toys, rope, balloon string, Styrofoam, plastic wrapping, 1 syringe, containers, tampon applicators, nip bottles, cigar tips, and fishing line. 3 Hours, 15 lbs

6/5/2019 – Beach Before the Big Club: Zone S3

Small to medium plastics, tampon applicators, straws, small Styrofoam, balloon string, mylar, plastic strapping, rope, fruit squeeze pouches, juice boxes, fishing line, 6 ft pole from a fishing boat, snack packaging, shot gun shells, cigar tips, containers, and small to large plastic bags. 2.5 Hours, 22 lbs

6/5/2019 – Latimer Light Beach: Zone E4

Medium to small plastics, straws, tampon applicators, cigar tips, shell casings, fishing line, food packaging, bubble wrap envelopes, large to small plastic bags, cigarette butts. 1 Hour, 8 lbs

6/5/2019 – Clay Point Beaches: Zone N5

Small to medium plastics, food containers, big to small plastic bags, cups, tampon applicators, straws, bottle caps, plastic bottles, cigar tips, mylar, broken car fender pieces, plastic strapping, shell casings, broken down Styrofoam, fishing line, 1 tire, broken buoys. 1 Hour, 6 lbs – not including tire

6/6/2019 – Dock Beach: Zone N6

Fishing line, tin foil, plastic bags, small to medium plastics, bottles, cans, food waste, balloon string, cigarette butts, rubber balloon. 1 Hour, 5 lbs

6/8/2019 – South Beach: Zone S2 to The Race: Zone S2

DISCLAIMER: I forgot to take a shot of the full bag before I dumped it!
Fishing line, lures, mylar, plastic bottles, shell casings, bottle caps, pens, markers, broken toys, cigar tips, cigarette butts, balloon string, rope, small to medium plastics. 5 Hours, 26 lbs

6/9/2019 – Far End of South Beach: Zone S2

Bottles, cans, 13 mylar balloons, string, cardboard, fishing line, lures, bottle caps, Styrofoam, broken buoy pieces, straws, broken tire pieces, cigar tips, shell casings, plastic bags, 1 syringe. 3 Hours, 10 lbs

6/10/2019 – Chocomount Beach: Zone S3

Cans, large Styrofoam, 2 footwear, broken fishing rod, buoy, plastic bottles – all sizes, cups, food containers, broken down tires, lots of mylar, plastic bags, plastic sheeting, food packaging, rope, balloon string, fishing line, dime bags, 1 syringe, 6ft rusted oxygen tank, snack wrappers, cigar wrappers, broken car fender pieces, tampon applicators, cigarette butts, cigar tips. 3.5 Hours, 33 lbs

6/10/2019 – Latimer Light Beaches: Zone E4

Plastic bags, mylar, balloon string, fishing line, string, rope, broken down Styrofoam, bait netting, plastic bottles, food containers, cups, cans, golf balls, rubber balloons, plastic sheeting, food wrappers, cellophane food packaging, snack bags, broken down tires. 1 Hour, 8 lbs

6/12/19-Clay Point BeachesZone N5 to Grey Gulls, Zone N6;

Large thick plastic board, bottles, cans, small to medium plastic containers, cigar tips, shell casings, cellophane packaging, cigarette butts, buoys, large and small plastic bags, mylar and latex balloons and string, fishing line, rope, Styrofoam, all sizes, lures. 2.5 hours 39 lbs

Isabella Beach Zone S2

Syringe, plastic tubing, lots of mylar, mesh bags, bottles, cans, plastic cups, food containers, straws, cigar tips, cigarette butts, styrofoam chunks, hats, sandal, boot, small to medium plastics, large plastic chunks, bottle caps, snack food wrappers, cellophane packaging, plastic strapping, broken toys; Broken down tire chunks. 4 hours 36 lbs

6/15/19 -Airport Beach Zone N1 to the Race and South Beach, Zone S2

One syringe, plastic bottles, cans, cups, (paper, plastic, Styrofoam), Nip bottles, mylar balloons and string, foam wrapping, plastic sheeting, straws, Styrofoam, plastic bags, bottle caps, 3 pails, large foam pieces, tons of broken down tire chunks, food snack wrappers, cellophane wrappers, plastic bottles, dime bags, golf balls, waxed cardboard, fishing line, lures, broken buoys, rope, other toy balls, plastic strapping. 8 hours 52 lbs.

6/17/19 – Beach before Big Club, Zone S3

Mylar and latex balloons and string, rope, broken buoys, plastic bags, plastic utensils, bait bags, fishing line, lures, metal with net bags attached, plastic bottles, cups, and food containers, cigarette butts, cigar tips and wrappers. 2 hours 19 lbs.

6/17/19-Beach behind Money Pond, Zone E 4

Lobster traps, rope, shoes, small to large plastic, broken plastic furniture pieces, bottles, tons of cans, tubing, crate pieces, broken plastic bins, fishing line, wire, mylar and latex balloons and string, broken toys, tons of small to large Styrofoam chunks, 2 to 3 foot lengths of tubing, gloves, baseball caps, bait bags, lures, cigar tips, golf balls, shell casings, massive trash. 4 hours 79 lbs.

6/18/19 – Beaches behind Money Pond Zone E4

Look at the view…it looks clean. Mylar, latex balloons and string, rope, small broken down plastic pieces, bottle caps, cigar tips, one syringe, plastic bottles and containers, cans, golf balls, shell casings, plastic netting, 7 foot plastic tubing, broken buoys, sneakers, sandals, large container lids, broken plastic furniture, lobster traps, boat parts. 4 hours 75 lbs.


6/19/19 – Beach behind Money Pond, Zone E4

Large to small Styrofoam pieces, straws, shoes, sandals, broken down tire pieces, travel mugs, rope, broken toys, mylar and latex balloons and string, large cooler lid, gallon jugs, toilet seat, boat battery, golf and plastic balls, shell casings, plastic everything-pens, cigar tips, tampon applicators, bottle caps, more broken plastic chairs, lobster pots, broken buoys, rusted spray cans, rusted tire rim, fishing line and lures, 8 more lost soles.

6/22/19-Beach behind Money Pond, Zone E4

Small to large plastics, cigar tips, tampon applicators, nip bottles, broken planter containers, plastic bins, plastic sheeting, broken tire pieces, buoys, large Styrofoam, plastic netting, fiberglass boat pieces, rope, cans. 3.5 hours 59 lbs

6/26/19 South Beach, Zone S2 to Chocomount Zone S3

Too many mylar balloons and string to count at both beaches; Straws, pens, markers, cigar tips, tampon applicators, broken hangers, plastic bags, plastic sheeting, plastic strapping, shell cases, plastic bottles, cups and food containers, bottle caps, cans, styrofoam cups, broken buoys, fishing line, lures, plastic utensils, plastic drink and food lids, broken automobile bumper pieces, old tire pieces, rope, golf balls, broken toys, toothbrush, hair brush, combs, condoms, dime bags. 5 hours 38 lbs.

6/27/19 – Airport Beach, Silver Eel, Little Stony, Zone N1 to the Race and South Beaches, Zone S2

A lot of small plastics, straws, bottle caps, cups, cigar tips, cigarette butts, medicine bottles, bottles, food containers, food and snack packaging, cellophane food wrappers, plastic bags large to small, latex and mylar balloons and string, fishing lines, lures, heavy black Styrofoam insulation, cans, broken sand toys, pool filter, gallon jugs, tire chunks, four beach balls, tarp, mesh, and plastic bags, hats, rope, buoys. 6.5 Hours 47 lbs.

6/29/19 -Dock Beach, Zone N6 to Isabella Beach, Zone S2, to Chocomount, Zone S3

Tons of mylar, plastic bags, cups, containers, broken toys, bottle caps, shell casings, cigar tips, cigarette butts, rope, string, fishing line, lobster traps, Styrofoam small pieces, cups, food containers, meat packaging, two huge dock floats, cans, metal auto molding, broken auto bumper pieces, broken tire chunks, plastic fencing, scrub brushes, flip flops, tampon applicators, golf balls, bouncing balls, beach balls, door mat, buoys, large plastic posts. 6.5 hours 81 lbs.

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