Beach Debris March 2019

Debris collected from Silver Eel Cove, Holiday House Beach, Big Stony, Beach at end of Art Walsh’s street, Chocomount Beach, Airport Beach, South Beach, The Race, Grey Gulls to far right beach, South Dumpling to Dock Beach, Beaches to left of Castle Road.

Total lbs = 810 / Total hours = 79

3/5/19 Silver Eel Cove. ZONE N1.

Mylar, plastic bags, sheeting, foam, cups, cans, tons of small plastics, bottle caps, straws, broken plastic pieces 1 plastic inflatable thing. 13 pounds. 2 hours.

3/6/19 Holiday House Beach to right of house. ZONE N1.

Large chunks Styrofoam, broken plastic chair, pail, tons of plastic bags, sheeting, trash bags, cups, bottles, containers, small plastics, snack wrappers, buoys, lighter, tampons, bottle caps, cigar tips, broken pieces, straws. 41 pounds.  4.5 hours.

3/8/19 Big Stony ZONE N1.

SO much trash, broken plastics that are brittle as they have been washing up back and forth, pails, toys, bags, sheeting, Styrofoam, buoys, straws, bottle caps, shoes, cans, a massive on-going mess! 57 pounds. 5 hours.

3/9/19 Beach at end of Art Walsh’s street ZONE N5.

39 pounds. 2.5 hours.

3/9/19 Chocomount Beach Zone S3.

Small plastics. 5 pounds total 1.5 hours.

3/9/19 Airport Beach ZONE N1.

Plastics. 9 pounds. 1.5 hours.

3/10 and 3/12 South Beach and The Race Zone S2.

Large piece of boat, several shoes, fishing line, small plastics, straws, mylar, ribbons, etc. 29 pounds. 6 hours.

3/13/19 Grey Gulls to far right beach, End of Zone N6 into beginning of Zone N5

Joe Brock hauled 2 tires and countless buoys to truck for me, all buoys dropped off at oyster farm truck on West End. Three full green bags mylar, plastic sheeting, plastic bottles, containers, bottle caps, ton of bags, cans, ropes, balloon string, snow shovel, broken toys, cigar tips, tampon applicators, candy/food/snack wrappers, torn life jacket, collected. 3 bags. 82 pounds. 6.5 hours

3/14/19 South Dumpling to Dock Beach Zone N6.

Tons of mylar, rope, small plastics, bottles, caps, bags, wire, needles, etc. 41 pounds. 5 hours.

3/16/19 Beach at end of Art Walsh’s Road. Zone N5

23 pounds. 2.5 hours.

3/16/19 Beaches to left of Castle Road ZONE E4.

TONS of trash, bottles, cans, small plastics, bags, mylar, etc. 47 pounds. 4.5 hours.

3/18/19 Big Stony ZONE N1.

Again, massive amounts of trash, quite a bit of plastics were very brittle due to washing up back and forth and breaking down. 74 pounds. 6.5 hours.

3/19/19 NO truck today so had to trash bag it at Holiday House Beach to right of house

Bottles, cans, buoys, small plastics, mylar, bags, Styrofoam, huge plastic sheeting. 53 pounds. 5.5 hours.

3/21/19 Holiday House Beach to right of house. Zone N1.

You can see, massive mess which is a project I have been working on to finish cleaning up for several days this month. 64 pounds. 5 hours.

3/24/19 The Race to Airport beach. Zone S2 to N1.

So much trash washed up!! 37 pounds. 4.5 hours.

3/25/19 Silver Eel Cove ZONE N1.

13 pounds. 2 hours.

3/25/19 Finished Holiday House Beach to right of house! Zone N1

62 pounds. 5 hours.

3/28/19 Far end of Airport Beach project finished!! Zone N1.

Massive amounts of trash!! 73 pounds. 5 hours.

3/28/19 The Race. ZONE S2.

It is upsetting that someone poured out white paint on a tire, sand, rocks, took the can, left the lid. I pulled up the dried paint along with metal, the 2 tires, muffler, and lots of trash, Styrofoam, bottles, cans, small plastics. 29 pounds. 2.5 hours.

3/30/19 South Beach below Naval area. ZONE S2.

Huge plastic barrel, and big bag of trash, plastics. 19 pounds. 1.5 hours.

Another 11 syringes added to the 10 found last month along with teeny tiny zip lock drug bags.