Beach Debris February 2019

Debris collected from Silver Eel Cove, Where The Wild Things Are/South Dumpling Beaches, Dock Beach, South Beach, beach at end of Art Walsh’s street, beaches to left of Castle Road up to the castle, the Race to end of Airport Beach, Hay Harbor Club Beach, beach before Big Club, Holiday House Beaches and Chocomount Beach.

Total lbs = 912 / Total hours = 78.5

Feb. 2, Silver Eel Cove ZONE N1.

Plastic bags, gloves, straws, small plastic broken pieces, candy wrappers, balloon ribbon, cups, gallon jug, strapping, cigar tips, small pieces Styrofoam, tampon applicators, cigar wrappers, cigarette pack clear plastic wrappers, cigarette butts/filters. 6 pounds. 1.5 hours

Feb. 2, Where The Wild Things Are/ South Dumpling Beaches. ZONE N6.

Plastic bottles, cups, containers, lids, cans, Styrofoam cups, pieces, hunks, boards, card board, candy wrappers, plastic bags, strapping, straws, cigar tips, shoe insoles, tampon applicators, lighters, buoys, rope, fishing line, balloon ribbon, mylar and rubber balloons, flossing picks, pens, shell casings, balls, broken sand toys ,wire, large plastic pieces, tons of plastic bottle caps, nip bottles, cans, really big blue flat crate, tubing with holes in it, hosing, boat seat cushion, small broken plastic pieces, 1 syringe, snack packages, plastic sheeting. 81 pounds. 4.5 hours.

Feb. 2, Dock Beach ZONE N6.

Plastic orange fencing, Styrofoam, buoy, pail small plastic pieces, bottle caps, 2 lighters, small rope pieces, cigar tips, candy/food wrappers, balloon string, plastic bags. 7 pounds. 1.5 hours.

Feb. 4, South Beach ZONE S2.

Plastic bottles, containers, lids, bags, bottle caps, pens, broken plastic pieces, cigar tips, straws, shell casings, netting, rope, fishing line, candy/food wrappers, tampon applicators, cans, SKOL cans, Styrofoam pieces, balloon string, broken buoy pieces. 9 pounds. 2 hours.

Feb 4, Beach at end of Mr. Art Walsh’s street. Zone N5.

Buoys, fishing pole…broken, plastic cups, food containers, bags, straws, medicine bottles, water bottles, bottle caps, rope, string, fishing line, balloon string, cigar tips, tampon applicators, netting, plastic strapping, lighters, Styrofoam cups, food containers, pieces, plastic table ware, SKOL containers, food wrappers/bags, broken pail, pail lids, 1 syringe, cans. Any black buoys I leave at the Oyster Pond as I believe they are Steve’s. 56 pounds. 4 hours.

Feb. 5, Beaches to the left of Castle road up to the castle. Zone E4.

Broken bowling ball, lobster trap pieces, buoys, cans, plastic bottles, bags, straws, bottle caps, cups, lighters, shell casings, string, balloon string, tampon applicators, strapping, broken Styrofoam, broken plastic pieces, food/snack wrappers, cigar tips and packaging, rope, 1 syringe, 3 glass bottles. 49 pounds. 4.5 hours

Feb. 6, The Race to end of Air Port Beach. ZONE S2-N1.

Huge black Styrofoam filled black box, bottles, cans, plastic bags, straws, cups, containers, food wrappers, water bottle wrappers, bottle caps, cigar tips, tampon applicators, fishing line, lures, string, rope, balloon ribbon, mylar balloons, broken Styrofoam pieces, cups, shell casings, balls, dental picks, Nip bottles, foam sheeting, tin foil, cans, bubble wrap, broken plastic pieces, lighters, metal bottle caps, syringes. 73 pounds. 5 hours.

Feb. 14, South Beach ZONE S2.

Lots of plastic bags all sizes, a plastic table cloth, rope, fishing line, lures, bottles, bottle caps, mylar balloons, broken Styrofoam, string, cigar caps, Styrofoam cups, food wrappers, shell casings, snack wrappers, small broken plastic pieces, lighters, tampon applicators, straws, wire, hosing, 21 pounds.2.5 hours.

Feb. 14, Beaches at end of Art Walsh’s street. Zone N5.

Buoys, rope, string, wire, straws, plastic bags, bottle caps, broken plastic pieces, food/snack wrappers, cigar wrappers, tampon applicators, lighters, cans, rubber balloons, balloon ribbon, mylar balloons, shell casings, light sticks, broken Styrofoam and cups, food containers, dental picks, wet card board. 41 pounds. 4 hours.

Feb. 14, Dock Beach ZONE N6.

Balls, cans, bottle caps, straws, stryrofoam, paper, plastic bags, candy/snack wrappers, cigar tips. 4 pounds. 1 hour.

Feb 15, Silver Eel Cove Zone N1.

Cans, plastic bottles, Styrofoam pieces, chunks, rope, cigar tips, candy/snack wrappers, straws, Styrofoam containers, cup pieces, tampon applicators, bottle caps, plastic bags, small pieces. 7 pounds. 2 hours.

Feb. 16, South Beach to the Race Zone S2 to Air Port Beach Zone N1.

Lobster trap pieces, plastic strapping, cups, tampon applicators, cigar casings, shell casings, bottles, small pieces, bottle tops, straws, containers, lids, broken buoy pieces, balls, pens, cigar tips, string, rope pieces, candy/snack wrappers, cans, balloon ribbon, Valentine’s Day Mylar balloons everywhere! Plastic bags, broken styrofaom pieces, cups. 36 pounds. 6 hours.

Feb. 19, South Beach Zone S2 and Holiday House Beach with permission. Zone N1.

Tons of small plastic broken pieces, bags, cups, bottle caps, bottles, containers, planting containers, fishing line, lures, balls, rope, string, balloon ribbon, mylar and rubber balloons, burlap sack, lighters, cigar tips, tampon applicators, broken toys, 1 syringe, dental picks, straws, pacifier, broken Styrofoam, and cups, snack/candy wrappers, netting. 29 pounds 4.5 hours.

Feb. 20, Hay Harbor Beach Club at low tide. Zone N1.

Approx. 35 plastic bags sticking out of low tide sand, plastic cups, silverware, containers, bottles, pens, straws, drink stirrers, frisbee, flip flop, mylar an rubber balloons, balloon ribbon, fishing line, string, rope pieces, broken toys, bottle caps, cans, netting, pail, med. To large plastic pieces, hose/tubing, wire, broken Styrofoam and cups, food containers, food/snack/candy wrappers, full bag of green beans, cigar tips, tampon applicators, drink cup lids, plastic gallon jugs. 49 pounds. 4.5 hours.

Feb. 21, Where the Wild Things Are/S. Dumpling Beach Zone N6 and beach after Art Walsh’s House Zone N5.

Plastic bags, bubble wrap, cups, bottles, bottle caps, food containers, lids, straws, tampon applicators, lighters, broken toys, sneaker, tips and plastic wrappers from them and hard cases from them, syringe, containers and gallon jugs, planting containers, Styrofoam chunks, and small pieces and cups, mylar and rubber balloons, balloon strings, plastic sheeting, food/candy/snack wrappers, trash bags, string, rope pieces, big long pieces of industrial plastic wrap, cigarette butts, hanger pieces, tons of small broken up plastics, cans. 61 pounds. 8 hours.

Feb. 22, From the beach before the Big Club. Zone S3.

Plastic bags, cups, bottle caps, cigar tips, containers, gallon jugs, lids, drink lids, broken toys, straws, drink stirrers, lotion bottles, mini shampoo bottles, large conditioner bottle, lip glosses, chap sticks, lighters pens, broken fishing pole, tampon applicators, lighters, syringes, string, balloon ribbons, rope pieces, Styrofoam chunks and small pieces, cups, food containers, fishing line, food/candy/snack wrappers, balls, stuffed animal, pacifier, cans, plastic ware/forks /knives/spoons, medicine bottles, fishing line, lure, glow sticks, mylar and rubber balloons, 5 broken pails, bubble wrap, broken buoy pieces, fiber glass pieces, planting containers, tons and tons of broken up small plastic pieces. 117 pounds. 5.5 hours.

Feb. 22, continued at Airport beach. Zone N1.

Broken buoys, mylar balloons, plastic bottles, bags, cups, caps, containers, lobster pot pieces, cigar tips, cigarette butts, snack/candy wrappers, lighters, cans, straws, rope, string, wire, tubing, card board, broken Styrofoam and cups, lots of small broken-down plastic pieces. 29 pounds. 2.5 hours.

Feb. 27, Beach past Art Walsh’s House. Zone N5.

Plastic bags, cups, bottles, caps, containers, lids, straws, tampon applicators, lighters, cigar tips, rope, string, balloon ribbons, food/snack/candy wrappers, black buoys…….to be dropped off at the Oyster Farm…Styrofoam cups and broken up small pieces, lots of small broken up plastic pieces, cans. 26 pounds. 3.5 hours.

Feb. 27, continued at Dock Beach Zone N6.

Plastic bottle caps, straws, pens, broken hanger, candy wrappers, hair brush, small plastic pieces, and Styrofoam pieces, string, plastic bags. 3.3 pounds. 1 hour.

From beach past Art Walsh’s house.

Dropped off to Oyster Farm.

Continued Feb. 27, South Beach Zone S2.

Rope, fishing line, string, wire, coated wire, tubing/hose, balloon ribbon, straws, plastic bags, cups, containers, candy/snack wrappers, cigar tips, foam padding, netting, Styrofoam hunks and small pieces, lighters, tampon applicators, broken buoy pieces, pens, dental flossers, shell casings, balls, mylar balloons, cans, mesh bag, insoles from shoes. 21 pounds. 3 hours.

Feb. 28, Silver Eel Cove Zone N1.

Small pieces of styrofaom, plastic bags, bottles, caps, cigar tips, tampon applicators, dental flossers, straws, lighters, rope, string, broken plastic cups, glow stick necklace, cigarette butts, many small plastic broken pieces, balloon ribbon, chap stick, lotion bottle, snack/candy wrappers. 7 pounds. 1.5 hours.

Continued Feb. 28, Holiday House Beaches, Zone N1.

Huge pieces of heavy Styrofoam, broken up pieces from hitting the rocks all night, straws, plastic bags, bottle caps, containers, toys, tampon applicators, laundry basket, 6-gallon drum lid, broken plastic balloon ribbon, cigar tips, broken cups, shell casings, bottles, broken plastic chair, broken lobster pot pieces, snack/candy wrappers. 137 pounds. 3 hours.

Continued Feb. 28, Chocomount Beach. Zone S3.

Mylar balloons, balloon ribbon, rubber balloons, 6 pack plastic rings, plastic bags, straws, lighters, cigar tips, cigar plastic case, syringe, bottle caps, bottles, string, rope pieces, cups, broken Styrofoam sheets and pieces, metal beer bottle caps, medicine bottle, shell casings, tampon applicators, lots of small broken up plastics, and broken toy pieces, sneaker, plastic sheeting, 2 broken 6 galloon pails, 1 sand pail, snack/food/candy wrappers, cans and broken down cans, glass bottles, broken frisbee, netting bags, few small lobster pot pieces, paint brush, towel. Card board. 43 pounds. 3 hours.