Healthy Seagrass Meadows by Justine Kibbe

There will be a Fishers Island Seagrass Management Meeting Tues Oct. 23rd in the Museum 1:30-4:00. All are welcome.

adult spotted lanternfly

This is a new invasive insect that should be collected, killed, and reported if seen.


The Fishers Island Conservancy Fall 2018 Bird Migration Survey was held on September 23. Following Audubon bird count rules, the group made 15 five-minute stops. At each timed stop, the birders would count birds and call out what they saw. We observed a total of 41 species, less than last year but still higher than […]


Marc Rosenberg, 14, of New York City volunteered for FIConservancy’s Island Sentinel project this summer and filmed an underwater video of endangered eelgrass.

This dramatic image of a red-tailed hawk with its prey, a mink, is proof of the existence of minks on Fishers Island. The mink population here is described as “vibrant”.


Over the past four years, the Group for the East End [of Long Island] has recorded a 50 percent increase in the number of nesting ospreys.


Max Soper shot this video of a few pods of dolphins Aug. 4 in Fishers Island Sound, with Hay Harbor in the background, and shared his exciting observation with FIConservancy.


Dianne Crary observed this infestation of oleander aphids on her sister Jane Crary’s milkweed plants.