Three people reported seeing a beaver April 18 sauntering down the Recreational Path in the direction of the capped Pickett Landfill. This is a good thing! Beavers are critical to the healthy ecology of streams and wetlands.

Piping Plover pair returns to Fishers Island. House hunting on Sanctuary of Sands, South Beach.

It took 20 days, but the capsized fishing vessel “All for Joy” was finally removed from the mouth of Hay Harbor at 6:05 p.m. Mar. 30.

A pair of American oystercatchers has returned to Fishers Island. FIConservancy Naturalist Justine Kibbe observed their arrival at approximately 2 p.m. March 29 on Stony Beach in Hay Harbor.

Healthy Seagrass Meadows by Justine Kibbe

Fishers Island eelgrass meadows. Justine Kibbe Photo

Out in the Field awaiting what the USCG has deemed a “pollution mitigation event”, north side off Hay Harbor, Fishers Island. Fishing vessel to be raised (for now) and all fluids emptied and removed. From the Field, Field Note, Justine Kibbe, Mar. 19, 2019

The commercial fishing vessel, “All for Joy”, capsized south of the Race March 10 and eventually came to rest at the mouth of Hay Harbor, leaking fuel that reached Fishers Island. Two fishermen were rescued unharmed. (Jane T. Ahrens Photo)


According to Brett Molina in a USA Today article published February 12, 2019: “More than 40 percent of the world’s insect species could go extinct over the next several decades leading to “catastrophic” results for the planet’s various ecosystems, a new study says.” The study referred to was published in the peer-reviewed journal Biological Conservation. Highlights […]