Justine Kibbe, Island Naturalist

Justine Kibbe. Vincent Scarano Photo

Justine Kibbe, Fishers Island Naturalist

Justine Kibbe grew up summering on Fishers Island, where her parents fixed-up an old Fort Wright house on Officer’s Row near Silver Eel Cove. She spent long summer days bicycling, exploring, fishing and swimming, all of which instilled in her a passion for marine environments.

Years later, it felt only natural to return to Fishers Island, where she now makes her home.

Today Justine spends most of her time in the field monitoring 12 key sites, where she observes and records data and trends: From variable weather, tides, local wildlife species and migratory birds, to noting marine debris, and the health of seaweed and seagrass. She “reads” the environment and surrounding ecosystems, becoming familiar with its rhythm and verse.

“Our lives present us with many wonderful opportunities—unique circumstances and moments in time that make it possible for us to do something equally wonderful. For me, it would be to share my desire and ability to simply love an Island. I will always be grateful to my Mom, who in her own way from the beginning, encouraged me to do just that…”

In 2013 The Day has published a feature on Justine’s work for the Conservancy, complete with video.