river otter

We meet again this very early morn at Duck Pond.
Observations note: Otter prefers lunchtime across the road.
Hope to have signs painted and placed this week- “Significant”
Otter Crossing!

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe February 22, 2017

Stranded Gray Seal Pup

Young Gray Seal pup discovered Jan 22, 2017 on Southside Fishers Island parallel to Elizabeth Field airport.

Young Northern Harrier

I sighted this juvenile Harrier on January 5th across from the Driving Range, middle Fishers Island.

Eastern Bluebirds Sighted West

Ringing in the “Happy” New Year here on Fishers Island, rare sightings of Bluebirds have been noted between Hay Harbor Mansion Cottages and the Softball field-even more rare for January.

Bobbing Bufflehead

A blustery day with Bufflehead noted deep inside Hay Harbor, Fishers Island. These energetic ducks bob and preen, dive and feed again and again…

Spider Crab Molting Season

Tens of Thousands of crustacean shells shed from the Common Spider crab wash ashore on the south western tip of Fishers Island and Naturalist discovers the “motherload”!

Autumn of Our Content

Hungry Point seals somehow seem to exude quietude this calm moment captured within Fishers Island Sound…

Hay Harbor's Local Green Heron

These balmy September mornings I find a returning Green Heron either resting dockside or sneaking in and out of walled crevices on Tennis Racquet Island with plenty of fishing in between flights.

Sultry summer’s swallows sit, swoop, and soar, crickets sing, while South sands shift and Parade Ground crow ring this hazy – even lazy day on Fishers Island.

Short-billed Dowitcher's Brunch

Displaying their breeding plumage, Short-billed Dowitcher’s pick through thick seaweed berms at low tide.