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A Battle Won, in the War Against Invasive Plants

The Habitat Committee, now a sub-committee of the Conservancy, is completing the second year of a project that has revitalized much of the Parade Ground and Airport area, by replacing invasive plants with native grasses. The results have been dramatic in this sixty-five acre area, which is the largest grassland on Fishers Island. The grassland […]

Hunkering Birds

Wednesday October 10 around noontime: Winds have picked up considerably and rain whips sideways from the north.  While surveying South beach I note the beach is vacant of any sea going birds .The neighborhood crows peck away at low tide’s tidbits This is the time of year when flocks of Herring Gulls and Great Black-Backed […]

Message in a Bottle

Some of us dream of finding a message in a bottle, you imagine during your life’s journeys along countless beaches of perhaps finding one. You imagine your reaction will be a joyous burst of laughter, that you will look upwards and thank the universe aloud for a nudge to journey on  and the “hug” that […]

Strike a Banana Pose

  Saturday October 6: It is a spectacular fall morning, the sky putting on its bright and bluest face. One of those days when you look south across to Block Island you imagine that Island’s Salt Pond stretches for miles, or that there are actually two islands, and that sandy cliffs are a stone’s throw…all […]

Monarch Butterfly

September 17 Evening @ Race Point: The Monarch butterflies are still very prevalent in numbers here. The Golden Rod seems to be a flower of choice this warm eve. Sunlight and shadows this time of month are my favorite. I am learning different seaweed types and note that the Irish moss, Sea Lettuce and Knotted […]

Sea Turtle on Chocomount

September 8 @ 12:35pm: I Came upon a washed up, dead Leatherback sea turtle on Chocomount beach this afternoon. I was, dare I say pleasantly surprised. It was Interesting to see a beachgoer walk right past it-going unnoticed. I took photos and sent along data to Mystic Aquarium as part of the Marine Mammal Stranding […]

Coyote Scat

Friday August 24 @ 12:25 pm: Observed first Coyote on back dirt road by Burr Residence. Very wolf like about 75lbs.Stopped in middle of  the dirt road, had eye contact and returned to bushes on left. No doubt the noon whistle disturbed a summer’s nap in time for lunch

Large Snapping Turtle

  On a mid August evening, while sitting upon a large rock  to the right on Chocomount overlooking the Wreck of the Thelma Pheobe I observe two Ospreys dive with torpedo -like precision. One snatches a Porgy and heads west overhead. I also see what appears to be a bobbing piece of driftwood. Then I […]