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Fierce Waves

  Big Club Beach@1:45pm: By now the winds out of the NE are 45mph with gusts of 50mph. Through the salt spray and wind I can barely see flocks of Herring Gulls and Great Black Backed Gulls hunkered far west into the nearby wooded area of the cove. Two swans appear anchored in Money pond […]

Isabella Wash Out

Isabella Beach @ 12:15pm: The ocean waters here on the South side are green, brownish red and black. Despite the outgoing tide the wild surf and washed out sands make for an unrecognizable beachscape.

Chocomount Before Sandy

Chocomount Beach @ 1:21pm: The path towards the beach shows signs of a previous tidal surge furiously pounding towards the parking lot area. The pond on the western end has breached- tons of rocks have been sucked back towards the sea.

Single Tracking Coyote

  Monday October 15@4:45pm: Hungry Point on the Island’s northern side is a major haul-out location for Harbor seals from Fall till late spring time. This year the seals arrived earlier than last and were observed basking in the sun’s warmth mid September. I count 88 seals this evening. Coyote tracks are noted going westward […]


A Battle Won, in the War Against Invasive Plants

The Habitat Committee, now a sub-committee of the Conservancy, is completing the second year of a project that has revitalized much of the Parade Ground and Airport area, by replacing invasive plants with native grasses. The results have been dramatic in this sixty-five acre area, which is the largest grassland on Fishers Island. The grassland […]

Hunkering Birds

Wednesday October 10 around noontime: Winds have picked up considerably and rain whips sideways from the north.  While surveying South beach I note the beach is vacant of any sea going birds .The neighborhood crows peck away at low tide’s tidbits This is the time of year when flocks of Herring Gulls and Great Black-Backed […]