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Tons of Driftwood on Isabella Beach

Monday November 5: Isabella Beach close to 3:00pm: Dozens of migrating Robins swoop among the last of the berry bushes as the Cardinals, Chickadees and Jays arrive in this neighborhood.  There is hardly a wavelet on this peaceful day. I take a long look at remnants of Hurricane “Sandy”. There is tons of driftwood. Huge […]

Beach Cactus

Sunday November 4 @11:00 this morning I rode  my bicycle up to the Big Club. The golf course is closed now and hunting for pheasants is in progress. I hear shots sounding and note both pheasant and coyote tracks on the beach. The remains of cactus plants are evident here as well as on  other […]

New Beachscape at Hungry Point

Saturday November 3: Hungry Point, my first look at the Island’s northern side since “Sandy” I think this site is the most diverse and active for my wildlife viewing. There is still enough sand area left that I can make out raccoon tracks heading inland. Another “new” beachscape as the shrubbery has been up rooted […]

Chocomount Debris Field

Friday November 2: Late afternoon on Chocomount Beach. There is a dramatic change in the topography here. The debris field is not as “heavy” with trash accumulation as seen on South Beach. I do note the trash has been shoved back as far as across the pond on the western tip. Mounds of rocks minus […]

Race Point Road to Nowhere Now

Thursday November 1: It is late morning and I have trekked down the once dirt road that leads to Race Rock (Point).The road is blocked with a “CLOSED sign now, I have a tough time getting through even riding on my bike. Like most of the circumference of the Island, it looks as though topography […]

South Beach post-Sandy

My senses are a bit overwhelmed at the enormity of change that has occurred on the beaches of Fishers Island during the aftermath of this hurricane. Mostly because I have been out and about exploring and monitoring them weekly (sometimes daily) over the last year and a half. Like someone ferociously shook the “Etch o […]

Hay Harbor post-Sandy

Hay Harbor @ 4:45pm: The tide is low and there is a calm breeze over the Island. I notice that part of the old dock has been uplifted and washed away-its foundation visible. The tidal line and debris stretches towards the lower parking lot. While there appears to be drastic change in the coastal topography […]

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President’s Message: 2012

2012 has been a fantastic year for the Fishers Island Conservancy. The Conservancy has continued to fund and expand our existing programs while taking on several bold new initiatives thus further expanding our mission. While we continue our core responsibilities of mosquito control, beach monitoring and clean up, water testing on and around the island, […]

Salt and Raw Wood

 3:20pm: The wooded area surrounding the house where I am living has started to explode. Trees are snapping and toppling left and right. Branches whip at the windows as leaves are plastered against the glass. A blanket of humid sea air has swathed the house as the furious winds funnel through the gulley in the […]