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Tracking. Migrating.

Frost twinkles now in the morning hours. Starlings swirl and stand at attention after the noon whistle. Coyote paw prints march west along side low tide at the Big Club beach, while a Golden Eagle scouts the shoreline. A waning moon nears Jupiter.

Knotted Ribbon Wrack

Washed away from Who-Knows-Where Forever tangled with rope and weed Vibrant colors streak the natural tones The beach’s party decorations Upon the rocks and sand The diligent try to untangle But most just leave them be And continue their beachcombing   – Anonymous guest poet

Next to Hay Harbor

I appreciate the Island’s stillness this time of year-mostly because it cultivates an awareness of the marine environment around me. There are very few distractions. Just standing still, and listening, one can sense a rhythm (or routine) whether it’s the lapping of waves at low tide, or Fish crows in a distant tree top bantering […]

Isabella Sunrise

November 27@ 6:29am: Getting up before the sun and heading eastward. I arrive at Isabella just in time to wake the chickadees up and enjoy their morning chatter among the pines. Weather across the Sound calls for light snow…red sky this morning has this sailor taking warning as I zip up my jacket and move […]

Shorter Days and Shadows

November 26: It’s after 2:00 this afternoon at Chocomount. Days are shorter, sunlight glistens on the sands quite differently now, the timing of sunset preoccupies my thought. Tidal range appears more striking to me during the colder months, like the old rum runner “Thelma Pheobe” might just run aground again in ankle deep seas. I […]

FI Brick at Napatree Point, RI

Friday November 23: Occasionally I monitor sites off Island as I did this day while visiting Napatree Point in Westerly, RI. I figure it is a good practice as I can note similarities in different areas. Here there is a clear view of eastern Fishers Island. My walk starts off with thankfulness left over from […]

Dolphins off Government Bell

November 19 Morning: Island residents Mike Rogers, Chris and Sara Rafferty observe a pod of 8-10 dolphins fishing off Government Bell near the jetty outside Silver Eel Pond. This is very unique news. Some have said it been almost 30 years since dolphin sightings have been noted in the Long Island Sound. Oh to be […]

At Hooverness

Armstrong’s “Hooverness” on November 8: My first travels in the Conservancy car-winds are strong. I have not been back to survey since “Sandy”. There is more driftwood debris and trash than ever here. I have noted that of the few sites observed on the north side of Fishers, this beach manages to attract the most […]