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This week the thought of gifting the Island came to me-literally. Fort Wright generously gifted History from its Quarter Master Dept. Race Point presented me with Gratitude reminding me never to look a gift horse in the mouth. The waves off South Beach laughingly sprayed me with their Humor and left coal for my stocking. […]

Weather Permitting

And it has been. Permitting full sunshine despite shorter passage of daylight Permitting calm seas for safer passage of marine vessels This morning though weather permits whipping rains and wuthering winds : E 25 G37mph  

Rock Steady

  Last week on Chocomount I took a photo of one of my favorite childhood picnic spots. The big rock that stands as a sentinel  looking out over the old Thelma Pheobe ship wreck , the big rock that has graciously hosted decades of BBQ’s , that same rock that many of us Islanders have […]

Lichen Life

I like Lichens-simply for the color which I liken to my favorite old well worn, tough to find sea glass. The delicate formation of the Lichen appears when a fungus partners with a green algae and a growing relationship develops. Tough enough to thrive in an extreme environment such as the north side of a […]

Wool Socks & Woolly Bears

Legend has it that the wider the bristly brown band on a Woolly Caterpillar-the milder the winter forecast. Despite its name, this “Isabella” tiger moth in its larval phase was found seen creeping along South beach. I counted 155 Harbor seals yesterday on and around the Hungry Point haul out. Low tide allowed for a […]

Mapping & Navigating

I am becoming more familiar with beaches up East. I note that Whelks are more commonly found in East Harbor.  There on that beach coyote tracks always head west. Sand Dollars are delicately framed in the tiny curves of a minute tide line at the Big Club. A single strand of Eel Grass in a […]

Red-tailed Hawk Encounter

I met this bird of prey across from the grasslands near the Driving Range. We both were a bit shy at first and of course curious of each other. I hunkered down in the grass to stay warm and observe, while the hawk puffed up its feathers in the crisp chilled air. In that quietude […]

A Stellar Day!

It certainly was weather-wise on Island this afternoon. As I left the Community Center with all its Christmas décor and headed out to survey Race Point I stopped in my tracks. It struck me as a bit odd to see Forsythia bushes blooming in December. Common Eider ducks congregate far off shore, bobbing within the […]

Harbor seals in the winter warmth

December 3: Unseasonably warm today on Island with temperatures this late afternoon reaching 60 in the sun. Ocean waters in the Fishers Island Sound have been maintaining temps in the low 50’s. I have counted 11 Harbor seals off Armstrong’s “Hooverness” at 3pm. The clumps of rock to the north of that property provide two […]

Dolphins Sighted Again!

Saturday December 1: A school of up to 20 dolphins is sighted off the bow of the Ferry departing Silver Eel Cove @ approximately 8:20am. The boat slows down to a near stand still while leaving the slip. Debbie Doucette of the ferry district happens to actually be on the vessel and reports how extraordinary […]