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Mermaid’s Purse

I am observing an influx of rectangular egg sacs belonging to the Winter Skate species.  I counted 6 today at the Big Club and South Beach. Similar looking to the Ray, the Skate is also flattened from back to belly and appears to have “wings”. The species differ though with the Ray bearing live young. […]

Red Right Returning

 It is a rare occasion for me to venture out onto the intertidal zone that forms Race Point. Very low tides this morning allowed me to quickly navigate across the slippery rocks and wavelets. When I came to the waters edge Tugboat wreck seemed to rise out of the ocean. The old lighthouse seemed just […]

Ocean Meadows

Long Island Sound Study (LISS) noted in 2009 that waters around Fishers Island sustained over 300 acres (346 to be exact) of Eelgrass. This marine plant is all important in providing critical habitat for diverse fish species as well as nutrients for migrating water fowl, and has become the focus in conservation and restoration studies. […]


Early January Earth is closest to the Sun. This afternoon it looked as though the Sun dipped into Fishers Island Sound.

No Swan Song Here

Last year I kept a close eye on the lone swan residing near the Big Club. Month after month I rode my bike past the pond expecting to see double.   It is said that swans do mate for life and I admit I was hopeful I would some day see a partner for this […]

Nature’s Own

New Year’s Eve Ball From the bow of the Fishers Island ferry I can see the moon rising. Reminiscent of Time’s Square.

Yule Tides

Winter arrived last night with tidal surges pulled and pushed by a nearly full moon. This morning’s beach scapes haven’t looked so clean swept since Hurricane Sandy. Quite a bit of on again, off again movement-even the 7:45 ferry didn’t arrive till after noontime. At Dock beach high tide attempted to right a wrong turn. […]


This week the thought of gifting the Island came to me-literally. Fort Wright generously gifted History from its Quarter Master Dept. Race Point presented me with Gratitude reminding me never to look a gift horse in the mouth. The waves off South Beach laughingly sprayed me with their Humor and left coal for my stocking. […]

Weather Permitting

And it has been. Permitting full sunshine despite shorter passage of daylight Permitting calm seas for safer passage of marine vessels This morning though weather permits whipping rains and wuthering winds : E 25 G37mph