Entries by Betty Ann Rubinow

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth Nest

Common Name: Eastern tent caterpillar moth Scientific Name: Malacosoma americana Season: One generation, with caterpillars appearing first in April into late May, and adults by June. Food: Caterpillars feed primarily on cherry trees, but may build nests on apple and crabapple as well. Ecology*: As the name implies, the caterpillars of this moth form a […]

Eyed Paectes

Common name: Eyed paectes, Fishers Island, NY, June 2017 Scientific name: Paectes oculatrix Season: There are multiple generations of eyed paectes in the Northeast, with adults present by April through the fall. Food: As caterpillars, they feed exclusively on poison ivy. Ecology: Eyed paectes hold their abdomens upward while resting, which, in this photo, makes […]

Giant Leopard Moth

Common name: Giant Leopard Moth Scientific name: Hypercompe scribonia, Fishers Island NY. June 2017. Season: One generation a year in the Northeast, with adults in June, caterpillars through the summer and over the winter, then turn into pupae the following spring. Food: A variety of broadleaf plants, such as dandelions and violets. Ecology: A large […]

Grapeleaf Skeletonizer

Common name: Grapeleaf skeletonizer, Fishers Island NY, June 2017 Scientific name: Harrisina americana Season: At least two generations in the Northeast. Food: Adults feed on grape leaves and the nectar of many flowers. Ecology: Caterpillars are gregarious feeders (i.e., feed together in large groups) and are able to defoliate grapes, eating grape leaves down to […]

Gray-edged Hypena

Common name: Gray-edged hypena, Fishers Island NY, June 2017 Scientific name: Hypena madefactalis  Season: One generation per year, adults common by June. Food: As caterpillars, the gray-edged hypena feeds exclusively on walnut, and in the Northeast, black walnut (Juglans nigra) is its favorite. Ecology: The gray-edged hypena, like many moths and caterpillars, are specialist feeders, […]