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Cecropia Moth

Common Name: Cecropia moth, Robin moth Scientific Name: Hyalophora cecropia Season: One generation a year in New England, with adults flying late May into June, and caterpillars from June into the fall. Food: Many different woody plants in the Northeast: alder, ash, basswood, birch, cherry, dogwood, elm, hawthorn, maple, oak, poplar, wax myrtle, and willow. […]


Summer’s Beauty on Parade

 An Easterly wind rustles through historic Parade Grounds, this July afternoon. These meadows are conserved and preserved by The Fishers Island Conservancy-175 acres cultivating & demonstrating native plant species; providing critical habitat and nutrition for insects and migrating birds. Video Snippet, From the Field by Justine Kibbe, July 21, 2018


Summer’s Humming Along…

I spied this female Ruby-throated Hummingbird busily zipping about under the canopy of a tall American Elm. Carrying teeny lichen flakes to prop up her wee nest; she finally rested long enough for a quick click of the camera… Field Note, From the Field by Justine Kibbe, July 18, 2018           […]


Island Sentinels

This Evening, Hay Harbor. Grateful on Fishers Island: Thank you Fishers Island Conservancy! The Island Sentinel Program, in its 6th year. Helping me to share Local. Traditional. Knowledge. with generations to come. So Proud of my 2018 Tribe: Wilson & Gardner Thors, with Marc Rosenberg monitoring Eel Grass meadows and wildlife trends. Stewardship is as Stewardship […]