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Thistle Do It!

 Tall thistle, a native wildflower, is a big favorite among pollinators. Here, within historic Parade Grounds, Fishers Island, bees and butterflies busily tend to their habitat. Want to help attract Monarch butterflies? Thistle do it! From the Field, Video Snippet by Justine Kibbe, Sept. 2, 2018

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River Otter: Call it a “Day-bed”

Wildlife biologist Mike Bottini says that, since 2008, the river otter’s range has doubled in size on Long Island. “I expect to see them on the South Shore [of Fishers Island] within the next couple of years,” he said. From Mar. 21-23, 2013, Bottini surveyed 57 sites on Fishers Island by foot and kayak. Otter sign was […]

Red-tailed Hawk vs. Mink

This dramatic image of a red-tailed hawk with its prey, a mink, is proof of the existence of minks on Fishers Island. The mink population here is described as “vibrant”.


Placid Plover

 This semipalmated plover forages for marine worms within low tide’s mudflats, Fishers Island. Named for the partial webbing found between its toes, this shorebird species “appears” to be increasing in numbers both on South beach and Big Club beach. From the Field, Video Snippet by Justine Kibbe, August 24, 2018


Bevy of Bathing Beauties!

 Bird baths prove to be a wonderful way to keep our feet wet identifying resident and migrating birds on Fishers Island. Here, a male American redstart stops by for a splash between August showers. From the Field, Video Snippet by Justine Kibbe, Aug. 18, 2018