South Beach. Justine Kibbe Photo

Our Mission

The Fishers Island Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that partners with Fishers Island businesses, non-profit organizations and the government to preserve, enrich, and enhance the natural resources of Fishers Island and its surrounding waters.

Conservancy Officers

Tom Sargent, President
Jane Harvey, Vice President
Ben Strong, Treasurer
Laurie Marshall, Secretary

Executive Committee

Tom Sargent
Jane Harvey
Laurie Marshall
Ben Strong
Christabel Vartanian
Ace Ahrens (at large)
Marje Helfet (at large)
Joe Henderson

Advisory Committee

Ellie Kelly
Barbie Riegel
Jackie Williamson
Barry Bryan

Board Members

Ace Ahrens
Don Beck
Lauryn Carbone
Geb Cook
Dianne Crary
Marina Caillaud
Chippy duPont
Ann Flinn
Gussie Foshay-Rothfeld
Jane Harvey
Marje Helfet
Joe Henderson
Laurie Marshall
Theodore McGraw
Betty Ann Rubinow
Tom Sargent
Tom Siebens
Nick Spofford
Ben Strong
Christabel Vartanian