New Picnic Tables At Parade Grounds

Picnic tables sit on concrete pads built for Ft. Wright. FIConservancy photos

Come to the Parade Grounds! The stage is set for fun family picnics amidst ocean breezes and serene meadows. FIConservancy has installed four picnic tables in the Parade Grounds to enhance the enjoyment of 175 acres of Fishers Island’s restored grasslands.

Three tables, one set for a picnic, sit at west end of Parade Grounds. The fourth picnic table is near final stop of Par Course, also at the west end.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please bring post-picnic trash bags to leave the sites as pristine as you found them.

How to Get There

(l) Access three picnic tables from concrete road. (r) Access fourth picnic table from par course.

Drive past Transfer Station. Park just past concrete road. Three picnic tables are 300 feet up the paved road on the left. To reach fourth picnic table, enter path to Par Course. Follow course to final stop. South Beach is just a short walk from parking area.

(Sent as eBlast July 22, 2020)