Barred Owl.  Bill Colman Photo

Bill Colman and his family of six were driving west on Crescent Avenue heading to Thanksgiving (2018) dinner at the home of his in-laws, the Meyers. They had just passed the electric station, when his wife, Jenny, insisted that they stop and back up the car.

“It was very cold and windy, with 20-30-mph winds, but Jenny noticed the owl on the north side of the road and demanded that we back up. And there it was. A barred owl! It appeared that he was in the tree taking shelter from the wind or just didn’t want to fly under those conditions,” Dr. Colman said.

“In any case, he was more than willing to have his photo taken and didn’t seem scared at all. I couldn’t get to my Nikon fast enough, so used the iPhone to take the shots.”

Dr. Colman and his son Tommy took the dramatic “Red-tailed Hawk vs. Mink” photos that appeared on this website in August, 2018.