Sunday November 4 @11:00 this morning I rode  my bicycle up to the Big Club. The golf course is closed now and hunting for pheasants is in progress. I hear shots sounding and note both pheasant and coyote tracks on the beach. The remains of cactus plants are evident here as well as on  other Southerly facing sites-except for Isabella. I have asked about this unusual find –I am told the plants are found in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Baby Sand Dollars have continued to grow larger-I find a larger specimen hidden in the white sands.

I travel farther up Island and climb down on the South shore of boulders. The water is completely calm and flat and I am looking for spouts of passing whales. A large seal bobs up and down spying at me. I am assuming because of its almost 7 ft. length and horse shaped head it is a Gray seal. He is just as curious as I am and for 20 minutes dives and returns to the surface always keeping an eye on me. I can hear his exhale. It is just so still today, hardly a ripple. I spot a Loon as I am leaving-a lonely song follows me.