Video Snippets

by FIConservancy Naturalist Justine Kibbe

Spotted Sandpiper Chick
Mylar Maim
Lion’s mane Jelly Fish
Bud, Blossom, & Bloom on the Bikepath
Sanctuary of Sands
nesting killdeer
Seeking Refuge and Critical Habitat
Common Tern courting ritual
Shorebird Reunion
Hungry Point Harbor Seals
Mylar Menace
Tent Caterpillars
Downy Drummer woodpecker by Justine Kibbe
Oyster Catcher - Preen by Justine Kibbe
Young Gray Seal ashore on Chocomount
Scarlet Tanager
Proud Parents Mute Swans
Barred owl 4-27-18 J Kibbe
Morning Has Broken by Justine Kibbe
Hidden egrets
Blue Grosbeak Stay
Spring thaw